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What We Do

Management Expertise

Pachira's principal, Mike Avey, has over 40 years of skill and expertise in all key areas of business.

Management Services

In addition to other services, Mike is available to take interim management and/or advisory roles.

Mentoring & Coaching

Mike regularly gives his time to incubators, accelerators, launch programmes and mentoring panels such as the Queensland Government's M4 programmes.

Investment Banking

Pachira is able to provide assistance with formulating strategies and raising finance for a large range of funding scenarios, including equity, debt and  public listings.

Advisory Boards

We help to form, and act as members of, advisory panels to assist with short-term skill gaps or longer-term Non-Executive directorships.


Our experience extends across Executive and Non-Executive Directorships and Chairmanship of Not-for-Profit, Private and Public-Unlisted Companies

Core Competencies

We have direct management experience in, and are able to contribute to your:

Commercialising Intellectual Property

Developing Strategy

Implementing and Managing Plans

Mergers and Acquisitions

Succession and Exit (MBO, MBI)

Deal Structuring

Capital Acquisition

Investment Readiness

Financial Modelling

Interim Management

About Us

Pachira Capital Pty Ltd is an advisory company formed to transfer the benefit of its experience to companies and individuals who are building new products, teams or enterprises.

Pachira works with you or your team, complementing or providing the expertise needed to build and achieve commercial objectives. Our clients span from early-stage to exit: incubatees to enterprises.

Additionally, Pachira has an extensive network of like-minded, experienced people and professionals who can advise, add to, extend or take charge of specific areas.

Why "Pachira"?


The pachira tree, more commonly known as the money tree, is symbolically associated with good financial fortune. They are typically sold to businesses and homes to encourage wealth and prosperity. Most are recognisable by their multiple braided trunks and are sold as small bonsai trees.

Legend tells of a poor farmer who first discovered the tree growing in his field. Entranced by the plant's distinctive and attractive appearance, the man took it home where he discovered that it required very little care. He decided to save the seeds and planted them, selling the grown trees at the markets to enthusiastic customers. In the end, the money tree brought the farmer his longed-for prosperity.

Where to From Here?

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